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From: Clay Bottom
Subject: Memphis Master 7 Legal information: This is an explicate story that contains male to male sex.
Do not
Read if you are not of legal age or it is illegal in your area. Do not read if
you are
offended by sexually explicit material. This is a fictional story involving
some dangerous situations and unsafe nymphet tgp toplists sex to make the story more interesting, but
not recommended nude young ukraine nymphets
for real life.The morning after LONGSHOT and Eric tag teamed my sore over fucked throat, I
meet MASTER RICK for our nymphet link forum usual run. I had to give him a full description of all
that was done and said. I thought about leaving out the part when LONGSHOT
talked about pissing in my mouth. MASTER RICK had told me he would take all the
rest of my ?1st times?. If he thought some other man might introduce me to WS,
I was sure MASTER RICK would do it to me 1st. nude top nymphets
I had lost count of how many
loads MASTER RICK had pumped into my mouth, but swallowing piss was a free porn nymphetes pics whole
level of degradation lower than a BJ. It had never been a fantasy of mine, but
if MASTER RICK told me to, I would do it. I told MASTER RICK everything
LONGSHOT had said. nymphets nue If MASTER RICK caught me lying or holding back, it would be
very rough for me. Submitting to him had almost become instinct anyway. MASTER
RICK did not say nymphets girls 12yo much about the hook up with LONGSHOT and nymphette hot
Eric, but he did tell
me to service LONGSHOT again if he called and wanted pussyboy service.After the run I licked the sweat off Mater Ricks balls and blew him. He let me
cum with his dick and jizz still in my mouth. I went to work with both master
Ricks wild nymphets illegal
and my jizz in my belly.Just before quitting time I got a text message telling me to be at Longshot?s
apartment at 5:15. pantyhose nymphets
LONGSHOT had tied me up and used my throat for a fuck toy
the fist time. I wondered what he would do to me this afternoon. I was at the
apartment at exactly 5:15. LONGSHOT did not answer the door. Eric did.Eric ?Come in. I sent you the text because I?m horny again with no girlfriend,
and I liked the tight feel of your lips and throat. LONGSHOT won?t be giving
you any more of his ukrainian nymphet biz
big nude nymphetts cock. His girlfriend has already caved nymphets underage extreme pedo and darkangels nymphet put out for
him. He tied her up and fucked her just like he fucked your face. I doubt he
made her take it to the root like he did you. He would have bragged about that
if he had. I heard the bitch moaning when he long dicked her cunt though.
Unfortunately he did not share. Made me horny, so I texted you. I need some
release and I know you love sucking dick. I don?t have the time or money to
chase chicks. I actually have to work and I want to graduate this semester, so
a good cocksucker like you is what I need to give me quick blow jobs when I need
to release a little tension and cum. I know you loved swallowing my baby batter
yesterday, and you?re throwing a boner now. Get on your knees and blow me.?I did not have to blow Eric. MASTER RICK had not told me to blow magic nymphets top sites him lovely nymphets previews and Eric
was not blackmailing nymphets nude incest me. I was not tied up and helpless like the 1st time. I
could have just said thanks but no thanks and left, but I sank to my knees and
reached for the waist band of his runners? shorts. He was hard. He stepped out
of his shorts and took fucking nymphet boys a wide stance with cute nymphets nude his hands on his hips looking down at
me. I did not try to rush this; I licked the length of his shaft first then
took just his fat dick head into my mouth. Enjoying the feel of it as I ran my
tongue around it and made him moan. It was nice to give a blow job for a change
instead of just getting face fucked. He drew in a sharp breath when I suddenly
forced the whole length of his cock down my throat. I bobbed, sucked and licked
on this cock for a few minutes before I went for his balls. I looked up at his
face cutest nymphets with both his balls in my mouth. His eyes were closed. He was probably
thinking elite nymphets forum about some girl he knew and wanted. When I went back to sucking his
dick, he started to move his hips in rhythm with my bobbing face. He shot his
thick wad of cum on my tongue too soon. His cock was obviously real sensitive
after he came, but I kept sucking nymphet video virgins and licking till he pulled my head off his
meat.Eric? Thanks, I needed that. I?ll text you the next time I want a BJ.?He assumed I would drop everything and come over and tiny nymphet girls suck him off anytime he
wanted. That was insulting, but I knew it was true. If I could, I would blow
him anytime he wanted. I drove home trying to get my nn lola nymphets hardon to go down, but I
could still taste his cum and my dick would not go soft.The next 2 weeks, I had nymphet 11
more sex than any other time in my life. MASTER RICK
made me lick his balls, cock and ass hole clean after every workout. He sent me
to work each mooning with his special high protein breakfast in me. I had to
beg or he would not let me little nymphets guestbook
cum, but nymphet fun sex most mornings he would let me cum while his
dick was buried in my throat or up my ass. I best nymphet sites always had to lick my own cum up
off the floor.Eric sent me at least one text message a day. nymphets child uncensored Always the same, ?BJ Now.? I
blew him at his apartment, in the back room of where he worked, once I even blew
him in a Men?s room non naked nymphet stall at the U of M library. I was scared shitless of
getting caught on my knees in a Men?s room with dick in my mouth, but I did it.
I worked hard to suck a load out of Eric?s beautiful balls as fast as possible,
before someone came in the Men?s room. I was not fast enough though. I heard
the door open. I tried to get up off erotic nymphet lingerie
my knees, but Eric?s hand on my shoulder
kept me in place. He kept lazily fucking my mouth young little nymphet top
while the guy pissed. If the
dude saw anything under the stall partition or heard anything odd, he ignored
it. Eric unloaded down my throat before anyone else came in.Eric became more and more comfortable having a fag service him. He started
having me look up at his face, so he could look me in the eye when he shot his
wads young little nymphs in me. I was always horny and rock hard when he pumped his seed into my
face. This was a strictly one way thing. I never got to cum with him. I
sucked; he came; I left with blue balls. I was thrilled when he told me to be
douched out and ready tomorrow morning because he was going to fuck me. I
planed to be cleaned out and ready and I hard sex nymphet
planed to stroke my cock while he
fucked russian nymphets wap me and cum when he unloaded up my butt.I still had not hooked up with the last man that MASTER RICK had picked out from
Craigslist. little love nymphets
Not that I was not trying. I sent him dirty e-mails and lots of
pics of nymphets child pics me in action. nymphets art nude The dude only sent one pic back. It was a close up of
his 7? manhood shooting a spurt of cum. He always seemed real eager to met, but
I could never get him to commit to a definite time and place. He could not host
and never swweet nymphet wanted me to travel to him except late at night when my wife and I
were both home and a sleep. Finally MASTER RICK lost patience.
MASTER RICK ?Have you given your fuck holes to Bg8Medic__? nymphet teen pics
Why the fuck not.
Have you forgotten who is in charge here? You service the men I tell you to,
when model nymphet ukranian I tell you to, the way I tell you to. You have 7 more days to get you
pussy lips or cunt around Bg8Medic__ cock. If you don?t your ass will pay. Is
that what you want? Did you like it when I whipped your ass cheeks and balls
last time? You have 7 more days. pedo nymphet galleries
Till then going to keep you bottled up angels charming video nymphets and
horny. Your going to be a cum motel. petite nymphettes Loads check nymphetas no nude in you, but no loads check
out. You don?t get to cum till young sweet nymphets
I see a pic of you servicing Bg8Medic__.The next 7 days was torture. nude nymphet video
I needed to cum so bad. MASTER ukrainian nymphets bbs
RICK used me
everyday and like never before. He gag fucking nude nymphets toplist my face, pounding my ass, edging
me while he sat on my face or soaked his balls in my spit. Making me take at
least one load down my throat every morning.MASTER RICK did not know about Eric. Eric just made the week worse. He did
fuck my ass the next time I saw him. He fucked my ass every day that week. We
had a new routine. I would suck him till his cock was wet with my spit. He
would spit on my ass nymphets free pics hole then sink his cock to the hilt in one quick motion.
Fuck me hard till parent directory cute nymphet
he was close then command ?flip around, take my jizz down your
throat, ? swallow every drop. On Friday I was so horny I nearly cam without
touching my dick while he fucked me.Eric ? You were a good fuck the first time, but your pussy-ass just keeps
getting better. You know you?re milking my cock with your ass? Such a horny
good fag. Going to let you take this load in your cunt today. Fuck you want it
so bad. Keep doing that. Fucking suck sweet hentai nymphet
out my cum with your ass muscles?. AHH
Fuck! Nice. Very Nice. Flip around and open wide. Going to let you suck out
the last drop and suck me clean like a horny fag should.?That happened on Friday morning. I had 24 hours to hook up with Bg8Medic__ or
face punishment. nymphet naked I did everything I could think of to adorable nymphet girls
hook up with the dude.
I sent even more picks of me taking cock and cum in my face and ass. I begged
and pleaded; offered to do anything he wanted and meet anywhere he wanted. I
sent him my cell number. I told my wife I had insomnia and stayed up till three
in the morning, but never got a response. At 7Am I was asleep at my computer
when a message came in from MASTER RICK.?Looks like you failed to follow orders.? Be at my house at noon.?I was scared but exhausted. I logged off and went to bed. I had no idea what
to expect. Hoped I could convince him I tried my best and save my ass and balls
from the worst.MASTER RICK was not alone when I went to his basement. Str8capend___ (the young
guy from Cregslist I had serviced weeks ago) was there nymphets models child with Master Dave (the Man
from Dallas who took my ass cherry with MASTER RICK).MASTER RICK ? Clark, I think you know these Men. They have both deposited jizz
in you cunt. There interested in seeing you get what you deserve. The cameras
are set up to record it all. Your going to be a internet porn star fagboy?I fell apart at that point. Not sure what all I said, but defiantly begged for
mercy and tried to convince him that I tried my best to follow order. I was on
my knees babblings when MASTER RICK slapped my face hard.MASTER RICK ? Shut the fuck up. You?re embarrassing me. Nothing embarrasses
you anymore. I know you tried. I read your e-mails. underage nymphets gallery Remember? You were so
desperate for the dud?s cock and cum last night, nn nymphet gallery I felt sorry for you. Horny
fags like you can?t help themselves. I felt so sorry for you I bought this
plastic cock for you as nymphet petite a substitute for the cock the mean man would not give
you. Your going to show me, these men, and a bunch of men on gaytube how
grateful you are when you rid this dilldo.?He brought out the biggest dildo I had ever seen in real life. The head was as
big as a man?s fist and it was a foot long. I child nymphet
opened my mouth, but did not know
what to say. There was no way my ass ring could stretch nymphets in pantyhose wide enough. My ass
was going to get punished, but not with a belt.MD ? Look at his face, bitch is afraid of the big bad dildo. May be he would
like to warm your pussy up first with a real cock up his ass. You nymphets little pussies
want fagboy?
Well you have to ask for it nicely. Why don?t you tell us what you need?MASTER RICK ? That?s right, strip and get back on your knees. Start begging
Maybe somebody will warm your holes up before the main event.?Me ? Please sirs, Let me suck you off. Gang bang me please. sunny nymphets I?ll photo nude nymphets service
just right. Please? let me have your cocks. Don?t make me fuck myself on that
fire plug dildo.?The last thing I said got me a slap on the back of the head, but the men did
take there cocks out and start feeding me. One cock then the other fucked my
face.MASTER RICK ? Get on all erotic nymphets fours. You can?t suck three cocks at once, but free magic nymphets photosvirginnymphets you can
take two in your mouth and one up your ass. Kevin ? Take the first shot at his
ass. He loved it the first time you porked him, but use some lube illegal pedo nymphets this time.
Squirt this shit up his pussy then fuck him.?MASTER RICK and Master Dave both forced their cock heads in my tightly starched
lips and the young dude fucked me as hard.I heard the door open a familiar voice. It was my boss, RB. I stupidly tried
to get up.? You started the party without me. Easy Clark. It?s OK. I know what you are.
I know why you have been missed so much work. I?ve read all the filthy e-mails
you sent when you should have been working. I know who you are. MASTER RICK
has you broken in nicely nymphetes porn for me. Starting now, you?re my property. Time for
you to taste you new masters cock.?RB was tall masculine and beefy. Hairy chest, dark brown hair, blue eyes. His
balls were covered in dark brown hair that was soon pressed against my lips. 8?
of cut meat gagging my throat. Kevin was cumming in my ass while RB took
possession of my throat.RB ?Very nice Now I?m going to test drive the ass-cunt.?RB laid down on the weight bench and told me to squat on his cock and fuck
myself. He did not have to tell me twice. I had been hot for him from the
first time I saw him in my employment interview. Riding his cock from this
balls all the way up to the head was awsome. I did not even notice MASTER RICK
coming up behind me till I felt his dick pressing at my occupied back door. My
chest was pressed down against RB?s hairy chest and MASTER RICK forced His cock
up my ass. I yelped. I could not help it. It hurt, but I wanted both cocks
and I rode out the pain till I underage nymphs nude was moaning. Two hard cocks slippery cocks
sliding past photos pre nymphets each other and in and out of me. MASTER RICK came first, but left
his cock lo nymphets non nude in me little nymphet tpg till RB nutted. I begged to cum, but RB would not hear of that
till I had satisfied the other Men. Kevin and Master Dave laid on an exercise
mat with their crotches and cocks pushed together. They were not going to
double fuck me, I was going to ride both cocks at once and double fuck my petitenymphet own
pussy. If I had very young nymphets funlumpkinsing
not been models nymphet pics
so horny, I don?t know if I could have done school nymphet it. But I
took Master Dave?s beer can thick cock and Kevin?s up my ass and pedo land nymphets loved every
inch. RB and MASTER RICK took turns using my mouth while I double fucked
myself. Kevin came first and pulled out. Master Dave flipped me over and
drilled my ass for another few minutes before adding a 4th load in my ass. Of
coarse I licked and sucked every drop of jizz from their cocks. It was great,
but then MASTER RICK said it was incest stories nymphet
time for me to play with my new but toy. I
knew I was in for it.MASTER RICK ?What?s a matter? Been double fucked twice, cunt full of cum and
still not ready? I think you just want Daddy to play with your pussy, well
that?s OK. We?ll play with your pussy-ass some more.As I lay on my back on the weight bench, MASTER RICK and RB did take turns
playing with my pussy. First two fingers, then three. They kept fingering my
ass then making me lick the jizz off their hand. MASTER RICK was the first to
get 4 fingers in all the way to his knuckles. He did not stop there. There
was pain but I did not complain. I was going to get fisted and that was that.
It almost felt good when nymphets porno pics RB?s nymphet breasts fist slipped past my ass ring. I wondered what
this was going to look like when it was posted on Gaytube. RB?s fist was
replaced by RB?s.RB ?Your ass hole feels good on my fist. You?re ready now. Smile for the
camera while I push your but toy up that sloppy cunt.After taking RB?s fist, taking the head of the oversized fuck toy was not too
bad, but sweat was beaded on my forehead and I was moaning loud when the final
inch slide into my aching hole.MASTER RICK ? That looks good in you ass bitch. But you could look even hotter.
Open wide. Its feeding time. Stroke your meat, but don?t cum till RB gives the
word.?Kevin was the first to sponge my face and lips. MASTER RICK, Master Dave and RB
added their nymphetes lollitas cum to my mouth and face a few minutes later.MASTER RICK ? What does a fag boy say after a nymphets wet tgp good feeding?I groaned out ?Thank you SIRS?. I was real close to cumming.RB ? Since you were such a good polite fag, MASTER RICK is going to give you a
treat. nymphetbanned He is going to let you drink piss right from his cock. Wash down that
tasty cum with tangy piss. If you ask nicely, I might even let you cum while I
piss on your face. nonnude ukrain nymphets You want that?Me ?Yes SIR. Please let me cum. Please let me cum with this dildo in my ass
and your joebob s nymphet
piss going down my throat. Please SIR. Please, I need it. Please SIR.?My begging was interrupted by MASTER RICK?s piss hitting porno kids nymphets in the face and filling
my mouth. I could not swallow fast enough ukrainian nymphets model gallery and top little model nymphets
it over flowed my lips. It was
salty and foul, but I did nude nymphet thumb not want it to stop, did not stop stroking my rock
hard cock. Before he was done, two more hot streams of piss pics of nymphets naked soaked my body and
face. Adding two more flavors of pee over flowing my lips.RB ? Good fag boy. Gulp it down. You like that tasty piss don?t you. shy nymphet com You are
going to take mine real soon.?When the others were drained, RB aimed his ukraine nymphets beach nudes cock at my face making sure every
drop went into my mouth. A slow steady steam that I swallowed as fast as he
made it.RB ? Nearly done. Stop swallowing. I want your mouth overflowing with my piss
when you cum.?My mouth was completely full when RB said ?CUM?. I shot tiny underage nymphets fucking
the biggest load of my
life. Covered my chest face and hair with cum.RB ? little nymphet fuck Now swallow fagboy.?After I came, I was ashamed of what I had done, but I still did as I eroticnymphets olya was told
and swallowed my new Master?s piss.RB ? Good boy. You are going to love having two masters own you.?Me ? Yes Sir, I will love having MASTER RICK and Master RB own me.?RB ? Rick does not own you anymore. You nymphette porn teen belong to me and free movies nymphet my nymphets ped son. I believe you
have meet him aleady. ukrainian nymphet kinder
You will call him Master Eric from now onNote: Thanks for reading the story. Feed back is tiny nymphets small welcome, especially from
Memphis men. I try to add as much local flavor as I can. Suggestion welcome.
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