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From: Matt Buck
Subject: My Fantasy 18My Fantasy female preteen cuties - Chapter 9.1 - Sick Perversions
By mattbuck
matt_v_jelliclehotmail.comDisclaimer:The following underage preteen teens story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real
events is entirely coincidental. Furthermore, it is a story of graphic
sexual content which you may find shocking, disturbing, disgusting or
otherwise offensive. By continuing, you agree that you are reading this of
your own free will, and that it is legal for you to view japannese young preteens such content, and
thus that all responsibility for your actions preteen model pantys rests sveta preteen nude with you.Copyright notice:Copyright mattbuck, 2003. Published under the Creative Commons Attribution
Non- commercial No Derivatives licence version 2.0 England and Wales.
Essentially, feel free to share this, but don't sell it or change it. porn dolls preteen stories can be found on my website - http://mattbuck.irongalaxy.comI am on the prolific authors page - /nifty/frauthors.html#mattbuckFeedback:I welcome all comments, suggestions and (constructive) criticism. Send them
to matt_v_jelliclehotmail.comCodes: MM, Oral (MM), Anal (MM), Domination (M/M), Bondage (cuffs), WAM (custard),
Piss (MM), Scat (MM), Electro-shock (MM)
Early in 2003, I got an e-mail from an old friend of mine, one Dan by
name (not Danny, I hasten to add). uncensored preteens top He'd been expelled from school the
previous year, for some reason I couldn't remember. What I did remember was
that he was dead sexy. Brown hair, green eyes, about 5'10 or so. Very
energetic. Anyway, he wanted to meet up, his house, he said. Three X's
below his name. I arrived at the address he'd given when I'd rung him on the phone
later, bd collection preteen and rang the bell. Dan answered the door in a preteen girls virgin shirt held together by
only 3 buttons, and some black trousers. His eyes sparkled preteen models binaries as he ushered me
into the lounge while he made drinks. We just sat there for a while,
talking some random shit about what we'd been doing illegal preteen pictures the past year or
so. Eventually we were reminiscing about the time we were at school
together. "Hey, Dan, do you still do that 'Freedom is nudity, nudity is freedom'
thing?" I asked, remembering the school changing rooms after PE or games. "Hey, well, it's still true isn't it?" he asked. "Would that mean that you're only wearing clothes because of my
presence?" "Does it look as if I took time putting these on?" he asked,
indicating his undone cuffs, scarcely buttoned shirt and preteen slut nymphette
trousers. "Please, don't let me stop you." I said. "I'm the guest, I should be
conforming to preteen costume vids
your wishes." "Ok then, strip." Dan said, already pulling off his shirt, exposing a
flat hairless chest with brown nipples. I followed suit, pulling my T-shirt
over my head. Dan was already pulling down his trousers, and I followed
more slowly, not knowing quite how far this was going to go. pthc preteen model
Soon enough,
however, I too was wearing only boxer shorts. I couldn't stop my cock
hardening at the thought of seeing Dan naked. He was now pulling down his
red boxer shorts. I hastily followed suit, trying not to glance at his
naked form. I failed. His cock was soft, but about full size of 6 inches picture nude preteenage or
so. He had a load of brown hair around it, but no hair anywhere naked preteen bikini
else except
under his arms and on his head. We had been sitting down, but Dan stood up,
saying preteen bbs org that if we were going to be naked, he'd better turn the heating
on. I watched his perfect ass-cheeks go out the door, before getting up off
the sofa, and turning on the radiator to help Dan. I enjoyed the non preteen art sensations
of simply walking over to the radiator: a draught on my balls, the fur rug
under my toes... delicious. I returned to the sofa and sat down, now
enjoying the material rubbing against preteen galeries sex
my balls. I leant back against the
corner of the preteens real free sofa, and opened my legs to get more comfortable. Presently
Dan came back, and sat down at the other end of the sofa, sitting in the
same way. jap preteen masturbating Again, we talked for a while, me sneaking glances at his cock. "So Matt, fucked anyone recently?" The question took me by surprise. pre teen boobies "Yes... have you?" preteen babysitter sex
"No good ones. No-one's as perverted as me." preteen 14year bikini "No-one? I find that hard to believe. Surely loads of people would
want to get in your pants... when you wear them." "You included, I suppose?" "How big are your pants?" I watched his cock grow harder, until it was
fully erect - a drop of pre-cum on the tip. "I'm very perverted." Dan said. "Try me." I got up, and crawled over to Dan, keeping my ass high in
the air. I gently sucked on his cock. I got as much into my mouth as
possible from that angle, and then licked the head and sucked. "Not bad. I guess you've had practice." I nodded assent. "Get up." He
led me to his room, and pulled boards galleries preteen out four pairs of handcuffs. I lay down on
the bed. "Last chance to back out, Matt. I don't play safe words. Once you
start the game, preteen russian angles
it doesn't stop until I'm satisfied." preteen movies samples "I want you." He smiled, and handcuffed me spread-eagled to the bed. He wandered
round the room, getting things out of cupboards, all the while quizzing me
on my sexual history. A belt, three large bottles of mineral water, nude pussie preteen a jug
of custard, a bag of ice, some assorted dildos and butt- plugs with
lubricant, an empty "suck-top" bottle, a box with a kristina preteen website load of wires black preteen lesbian
and a VERY large bowl of piss. He put them all on a table by the bed. I
suddenly realised what I was in for. "Hmm... I think we should start with a drink." Dan said. With that, he
climbed onto anime preteens the bed, and preteens malyshok knelt over me, straddling my stomach with his
knees, my cock rubbing against his ass-crack. He took the first bottle, and
opened the top. He put his lips to dark topless preteens the end, illegal child preteen and raised the bottle. A litre
disappeared quickly. He lowered the empty bottle and smiled at me. fuck my preteen Then, he
took the suck-top bottle, unscrewed the top, and dunked it into the piss
bowl to fill it up. He rescrewed the top, and rested the bottle on my
chest, where the cold piss left on the bottle started pooling. Keeping eye
contact with me, he sucked one finger after another into his mouth to clean
them. He moved so that his weight was going mostly through his ass resting
on my stomach, and put the bottle to my lips, holding it there with his
knees. I started sucking greedily. Dan meanwhile started california preteens nude
on his second
bottle of water. I finished before he did, and my bottle was quickly
refilled. I guessed that the bottle was preteen legs open about one litre in capacity. We kept drinking, slower towards the end. I think I drank about 3
litres of cold piss, Dan the same of cute preteen butt
water. My bladder was nearly bursting,
and I could see Dan's forcing his lower stomach out. I guessed mine must be
the same. Dan got up slowly, which was a relief. He took the ice, and held
it against his cock, child pedo preteen
which slowly deflated. Whilst doing this, skinny preteen pictures he walked
over to asian preteen art
the radiator and turned it up. Well, not quite walked, waddled
might describe it better. He then climbed back on underage preteens pussy
the bed, and stood
between my legs. His cock was soft now, african preteens strip and pointing at my stomach. He let
go. A torrent of golden piss came out and splattered over my pre teen topsites stomach. It
seemed very warm. He slowly moved the shower up, over my chest. Then, with
what could only be called superhuman effort, he stopped the flow, angel ukraine preteen and knelt
over my chest, his cock als scan preteen right in front of my face. thai preteen pictures I opened my mouth
greedily. Dan let go again, and the piss came streaming out into my open
mouth. It filled me, and I swallowed, but I couldn't keep up with lolasex preteen
flow. It was running out of my mouth and down my cheeks, where it was
soaking into the bed. He turned round, the piss still flowing, staining the
sheets. He used his hands to open his ass cheeks, and then lowered himself
onto my eager mouth. I eagerly started licking, as he continued pissing on
my chest. Suddenly, his arsehole started to open, and the tip of a shit
poked out. I suddenly realised how perverted he was. I clamped my lips
tight shut as the shit came out further. It was resting against my lips. "Open wide." I heard. I obstinately kept my lips tight shut. preteen boys masturbation
"Remember, you agreed to this." Dan said, almost sadly. Suddenly, beach models preteen my
stomach felt intense pain - he'd hit me with the belt. "Fuck!" I tried to shout, but was muffled by Dan's ass and all that
happened was that the shit fell into my mouth. Not what I'd planned, but
obviously what Dan had. I held my mouth open, trying not to taste the sour
crap filling my mouth. Dan got up, and I noticed that he'd stopped
pissing. He crouched over my chest, and farted. Then, another lump of shit
fell out of his arse. It felt warm. Another followed, and Dan started
groaning. Little by little, I saw bambina preteens another come out of his arse. It was a
long one. He moved as he shitted, laying it up to just below my chin. It
must have been 9" long. Horrid preteen undies pics as it was, it turned me on. I felt my cock
twitch, trying to get harder, or find something to release the pressure it
had been building. Dan then took the jug of custard, and using the bottle,
poured in some of the cold piss. He used a finger to mix it, taking it out
every so often to lick it. Eventually, he judged it well mixed, and sat on
my chest, right on his pile of shit. He moved back and forth a bit, rubbing
it on his ass cheeks. He then squatted again, and held one hand under his
ass. Onto it, he laid another 6" shit. This he rubbed into his ass-crack,
making little moans of naked pre preteen pleasure. I could see him push three shitty fingers
up his arse. He took them out again, and sucked each finger clean. He then
rubbed his hand under my chin, coating it preteen development pictures
in shit. He then slowly licked
his hand clean. preteen videos download "Don't pic 16 preteen you want it, Matt? Oh well, since you've been a good boy this
far, young preteen pantie
you can have the custard." He forced preteen stories took two slices of cucumber that I
hadn't noticed before, and laid them over my eyes, like a beauty
treatment. I obviously couldn't see what happened next, but what bits of my
mouth weren't filled with shit, were soon filled with custard. He didn't
pour any over my preteen toes hose face, but he did over my hair, and down my chest where his
shit was. He then used his hands to clench my jaw shut, forcing me to bite
his shit. It was quite firm, banned underage preteens and free preteen pixs
seemingly juicy, though what of that was
my saliva I couldn't tell. preteen swimsuit girls ru naked preteens
"Eat it by rollyo preteen pussy yourself, and maybe I'll let you wash out your mouth." That
was incentive enough for me. It was kind of like eating Brussels Sprouts,
in that it wasn't something you did voluntarily, you just had to, no chinese preteens nude matter
how bad it tasted. This tasted pretty bad. I guessed I was lucky to be
allowed piss-custard. I swallowed as quickly as I could. Dan put three
pillows under my preteens natural nude head so I didn't have to strain my neck to see my sex preteens porn stomach,
where the custard was slowly running off me and onto the bed. Dan straddled
my stomach, and slowly lowered himself onto my chest, before moving slowly
up and down, rubbing the shit and custard into us. It preteen family incest
was perverted, it was
disgusting... preteens bbs list it was so fucking erotic. He kissed me slowly; I could taste
more of his shit on his tongue. He got up again, and knelt beside preteens stocking pix me. Shit
now covered both our stomachs and chests. He started licking my chest clean
of shit, making contented moaning noises. He used one hand to scrape shit
off his non nud preteens
chest, and feed it into my mouth. Then, he used the other hand to
apply ice to my cock, making it softer, before pushing down on me, just
below my stomach. I couldn't help myself, I started to piss. I could tell
Dan was getting off from this; he aimed the flow directly at his face, and
into his mouth. He then used preteens nude childrens
my piss to wash his chest off, before moving
out of the way to let the juice fall into my mouth, to be used as
mouth-wash. Meanwhile, he rolled his head around on my chest, getting shit
in his hair. He wiped his ass with one hand - it came up preteen art naked
very shitty. He
rubbed it into my hair, and drew lines like war-paint across my forehead,
on my nose and over my cheeks. Also right under my nose, so I couldn't
smell anything but shit. "Have you ever tried shock sex?" Dan asked, undoing the cuffs around
my ankles. "What do you mean?" I asked, keeping my ankles in the same place until
they were moved. naked naturists preteen Moved they were - they were cuffed up two feet above my
head, leaving my arse open to Dan. "I guess you're about to find out." He plugged in the box I'd seen
earlier, and came over to me with the wires. He attached one to each of my
nipples, using serrated clips. It didn't hurt too much, but it was still
uncomfortable. More wires were added - by pads this time, preteens hard pics on either side
(up and down) of my arsehole. Now, two wires were wrapped around my cock,
one near the top, the other near the bottom. Dan attached electrodes to his
nipples, and plugged in a large dildo with metal rings. He knelt with his
ass petit preteen porn
to me, and I saw that his ass was brown, especially on the cheeks. He
rubbed the dildo up and down, before plunging it in all at once. He flipped
a switch on the machine, and said, "Now you'll find out about shock sex." He turned a dial on the machine, and changed the position of the
switch next to the wires to my nipples. Immediately a pulse came through
them, hurting slightly, and making my flesh come up pre teen twat
in goosebumps. I
gasped. Another shock. Pain turned to pleasure, my cock twitched. Dan
turned on his nipple electrodes as well. He turned the dial once more - the
voltage fine young preteens increased, and it was pain once more, but what delicious pain. He
moved to my ass, and positioned his cock at my entrance. One thrust and he
was in. He reached over and turned on his butt oral sex preteen
plug electrodes and my ass
electrodes. I could only imagine what it felt like little fantasy preteen for him - what I had was
incredible. Dan may have been a total pervert - beyond redemption - but he
could sure pre teen dildo fuck, and the preteen models uncensored
shocks around my asshole were making it even
better. What little movement I had I used to meet Dan's thrusts, getting
him deeper into me; but for all my efforts, Dan didn't cum. He must europe sexe preteen
young preteen models have
held out for five, ten minutes before he finally came in my ass. His upper
body collapsed backwards, as he kept coming. I was sure that my ass must be
full by now. However, it was about to get fuller. russian preteen topless
"Mmmm, yeah..." Dan moaned. "Nice. Just one more thing..." I felt
another flow of hot liquid into my ass preteennude model list
- not cum this time, but piss. All
the time, the electric assault upon my nipples went on. Dan leaned over and
flipped the switch to preteens orgasm the wire on my cock. My mind exploded in orgasm - my
cock pumped load after load of cum over my chest. As the orgasm died down,
the shocks became painful - almost unbearable on my sensitive cock. Dan
however turned wet preteen images off the power, and pulled away from my ass, preteen twat pix
putting in a
butt plug. He undid my cuffs, and removed the wires. I flexed my sore
limbs, and nude preteen thai
sat up on the wet bed. Dan sat beside me. "Now preteen passes
do you see why no-one comes back for more?" he asked. "Yes, I think I do." I replied. On an impulse, I wrapped my arms
around sweet preteen pedo him in a hug, drawing him close to me. preteen illegal nudist He sat on my lap, facing
me. I was a bit sad. He was so sexy, but he was so perverted. I was almost
certain I wouldn't be coming back again. Finally he got up.
"Matt, you might want to use the shower before you go home." "Do I get company for my shower?" preteen camal toe "If that's what you want." He replied with a grin. We spent at least an hour in the shower, naked underage preteen
cleansing each other's
bodies, gently rubbing each other clean in the warm water. We fucked each
other under the shower-head, Dan every bit as good as before, but neither
of us came in the other - we artistic preteen nudes
just finished each other chinese preteen girl off with a 69 on the
floor. We kissed goodbye preteen petite panties on the preteen under list
doorstep, and as I walked away I heard that
door close behind me. I was happy with my choice - Dan was a good fuck, but
he would close preteen porn rape the door to my other fuck-friends. They were the ones I
wanted truly. Danny, John, all the others. They were my heart's desires,
they were mine.
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