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Subject: Chapter 7, My First Year Cumming OutAny comments good or bad will be answered. I am interested in all feed back
on my story young nude 16 years
and my writing ability.Please send all comments to
My First Year Cumming Out
Copyrighted by Richard Landis Chapter 7
Nothing new happened for the next three weeks, except
that Cliff, Randy and I became best of friends. We did things
together, not only in bed but went everywhere together. Every
night we got together and studied. Most of the time we were
studying the human anatomy. And we concentrated on the male body
and what easier way than from exploration of each others body,
not from a text book. As I said there was nothing new, no new
people no new tricks. We went over to Joe's as often as we could,
all three of us. 14years old fuck sex It worked tiny 16 year girl
out that Cliff knew about Joe from
comments made by the other guys but not first 12 years child porno
hand. I was the one
to break the ice for Cliff to come over to Joe's. I don't think
Joe 13 years old pussy
was to keen on Cliff because of his age.
Saturday of the third week there at school, we went
into town, Cliff, Randy and I. We had been to the movie and were
headed to McDonald's for some food. As we walked down the street
a black limousine little cuties 12 years drove past us, turned around and drove past us
again. I watched it make another u turn and head back up the
street towards us. I mentioned it to the other guys as we went
into McDonald's. As we ordered and then sat and ate our food, the
limo waited across the street. We 13 year girlsex movies all watched it 14 year nude through the
window and commented about it. When we came out of the restaurant
and headed back down the street, the 12 years nude
car again turned around and
followed us. After a couple of blocks homepage 16year nude
the limo pulled along side
the curb next to us. The window in the back lowered and this face
showed in the opening. There was something very familiar about it
, but I could not place it, until I 14 year teen naked heard the words the man
spoke. "Boys, teens 14 years porn
don't be afraid." It was the face 16 year old tgp
and the voice of
the guy nude15 years fucking girl
that night at Joe's, the one who had sucked Randy's cock
while I fucked the girl.
He ask us what fifteen year old nude we were doing, and we told him just
killing some time before we had to head back to school. He
introduced himself as Michael. I guess I was looking rather
strange at him, he ask me what was wrong. I looked him right 16year old porno vidyo in
the eyes and said, "sucked any boy cock lately." He 16 year porn gallery looked
shocked at me and started to put the window up. I fucking movies 17years stopped him
with the words, "Don't be afraid." He put the window back down,
and I introduced myself 10 years pussy pic
and the other guys. And when I got to
Randy's introduction I said "and this is Randy, but you already
know his dick, intimately." Randy looked strangely at me, young nude 12year it was
evident that he did not recognize the guy. Michael told us he
would have his chauffeur take us out to school it we wanted. We
all jumped at the chance, Randy and Cliff because they had never
ridden in a limo before. And me because I was intrigued at what
might be in store for us free porno 12 years with Michael. We climbed into the back
of the car and headed off, it was seven o'clock in the evening.
Michael ask us what time we had to be back at school, I told him
by 11 if we intended to go back. He ask what I meant by that, I
told him that beings it was Saturday night, we didn't have to go
back. We could spend the night out if there was any reason for us
to do so. He 14-16 years porno movies said that between now and 11 o'clock maybe he could
give us a reason to spend the night out.
He told his driver, girl 14 year fuck Phillip, to head for home. It took
us about twenty minutes to get to Michael's house. When we
arrived it was a sprawling mansion that made anything I had ever
seen, seem small in comparison. We got out of the car and went to
the door, it was opened by a young man in butler clothes. I
recognized him also as one of the other guys at Joe's. The one
with the beard and mustache. Michael told James, the butler, that
we were going to the pool and nude teens 13-16 years would he bring us some drinks and
snacks. We went down some stairs and into a pool area that was
glassed 14 years naked
in, there was a patio completely around the pool. There
was patio furniture all around the pool, there were plants and
flowers. This reminded me of the Florida room we had at home, but
the pool at home is not as large. Michael shed his clothes and
plunged into the pool, he was completely nude. The rest of us did
the same. We swam and frolicked in the pool for about and hour.
James had brought some sodas and sandwiches and set them on one
of the tables. He 15 years pussy pic then stood back as if waiting further orders
from Michael. I got out of the pool and headed for the sodas, I
was thirsty. As I strode towards the table I made sure that James
noticed me, and I watched him look. I picked up a sodas and
dropped onto a chaise lounge, I picked one that kept me in sight
of him. I got comfortable. I began to rub my crotch, and finger
my dick, and I made sure James saw that too. I didn't have to do
much, his eyes were popping out of his head. I smiled and winked
at him. About that time Michael came up behind me, sat down on
the chaise. He whispered to me, "stop teasing James." I ask
Michael what James was into, he told me that I would have to find
that out myself. I looked at Michael and ask him who was here for
Cliff. I told him I knew he was again going to have Randy. He
told me that I was right, and that he would call Phillip for
Cliff. I ask him what he was waiting for, I had a raging hard on
he reached down and stroked it. He stood up and told James that
he had the rest of the night off. He naked 15 years old headed for the phone at the
end of the pool. A few minutes later Phillip entered the area, he
was wearing cut offs.
When Michael got up, I rose and headed for James. My
cock was sticking straight out in front and it pedo 11 year sex
lead the way to my
target. Before James could do anything, I teenage nude 12 years grabbed his hand and
placed it on my cock. He closed his hand around it and stroked it
up and down. I told him to get out of the monkey suit and come
for a swim. He took off his coat folded it very neatly and laid
it on a chair. He did the same to his shirt. He sat down girl 14 year porno took incest 12 years off
his shoes and socks and neatly placed the socks into the
corresponding shoe and then put them neatly under the chair. He
stood back up. There he stood bare footed, bare chested and
moving his hands towards the buttons on his trousers. He opened
his pants and let them drop, there was nothing on under his
pants. There he stood bare ass naked except for the pants around
his ankles. He stepped out of the pants, bent over and began to
neatly fold them. 16 years girls fuck
I could wait no longer, I grabbed the pants out
of his hands, threw them in a heap onto the nearest chair. I took
his hand and headed for the pool. While he stood in the water up
to his waist, I dove under the water and 12 year old hardcore swam towards him. When I
reached the front of him I took his twelve year olds porn cock into my mouth and sucked
it 14 years girls nude into me. He reached down and took hold of me under my arms and
lifted me up until I was eye to eye with him. He was a good foot
taller than I was. He leaned towards me and planted his lips onto
mine. I opened my mouth and his tongue slid between my year naked teen lips, and
this really turned me on. I threw my arms around him nude 17years and returned
the kiss. He slid an arm under my legs and carried me out of the
pool. We Naked 16 year olds headed out of the pool area, down more steps to what
seemed 12 year nude girls to be the basement. preeteens 13 years moddels I did not care, I had not broken the
kiss, I was in seventh heaven.
We went through a door into a dimly lite room, he then
sat me down onto girls 14 years xxx what felt like a wooden bench. He went and
closed the door and the lights brightened a little. Enough for me
to look around the room. what I saw was chains, ropes, benches
and what looked like a swing. There were handcuffs, whips,
leather vests, leather pants and other leather articles I could
not identify. Along one wall I could see there were wrist and
ankle cuffs attached to the wall. In one corner there was what
looked like a shower, I also saw a table that looked like a rack.
This room had all the things a medieval 16 year old toppless dungeon would have had,
except for the things along another wall. That wall had about
twenty models of men's and boy's cocks and balls in all shapes
and sizes. The bench I was sitting on had leg and wrist cuffs
attached to it with chains. James walked over to me, laid me down
on the bench and proceeded to cuff each hand and foot until I Ten year old girl was
completely helpless. I was frightened and nude16 year old girls struggled against the
chains. James knelt beside me and assured me that I was perfectly
safe and nude 16year
that I would not be hurt, in fact he told me to lay 15 years hot girl back
and enjoy myself. I laid back and relaxed, what the hell else was
I to do. I was unable to free myself. The chains were just short
enough to keep me from reaching the other hand, so here I was
tied up for the second time of my life and unable to get help or
help myself. ten years sexy nude James went to the wall with the leather
things on it and he came back with a hood, and placed porno 13 years it over my
head. In the hood was a round roll of leather which he placed in
my mouth. He then laced the hood shut. There I lay in total
darkness and unable to utter a word.
I felt the bench begin to raise and I wondered what was going to
happen. I porno 15 year old had never been so completely helpless before, not even
with the guy at the swimming hole. I felt that I really had a
choice then but not now. He released my hands and feet and turned
me onto my stomach and again he cuffed me. He began to massage my
back and ass, he was using some oil or something that made his
hands slid easy over my skin. He stopped and I felt the foot end
of the bench part and my legs were separated. I felt him slide up
between my legs and stand. He returned to the massaging of porn 15 year old my
back and my butt, 12 years tgp he was spending more time on my ass this time.
What ever he was using was causing my skin to tingle and warm up,
it was not hurting in fact it felt wonderful. He was massaging
between my legs just above my nuts and just below my bung hole.
He stopped, I then felt the board 16 years old lesbians under my cock and ball drop
away and my cock and jewels fell through the opening and swung in
the air. I felt his hands stroke my cock and nuts, and the same
tingling was there also, it really heated me up and turned me on.
He left me. Suddenly I felt a 15year fuck porn stinging across my back, I amateur years porno jumped
but could not go anywhere. The stings came again and again first
across my back then across my ass, it did not really hurt just
smarted a little. It was turning me on as I had never been turned
on before, the stinging and the tingling. The stinging was
replaced by blonde 55 year old
a 12 years girls pics long round rubber thing that went all over my back,
legs and then finally my 15 yearold modles
ass. It kind of felt like a cock, James
must be using one of those cock model I had seen on the wall. The
rubber cock 15 year old porno was now sliding up and down the crack of my ass. The
rubber thing was trying to invade my ass, I spread my ass as far
as I could to accommendate it. It was being pushed into me very
slowly, it was a monster. I thought I would be split in to, but
my ass was accepting the thing and it was feeling good. After a
few minutes it stopped and was replaced with what felt like the
real thing, no more rubber.
As the cock was slid up and down my ass crack the
massaging of my back 14years old porn resumed. All the action was bringing me
closer and girls porno 14 years
closer to popping off. I wanted to shoot tiny tits 12 years
off now, but
then again I didn't. I wanted it to last as long as it could. porn-14 years old girls
he massaged my back he proceeded to insert his cock into my
asshole, the tingling was there also and before he had stuck his
cock all the way into me I came. I shot what seemed to be
buckets down into the air. He continued to slid xxx 12 years porn his cock into my
ass, he had no idea I had cum, he was now interested in getting
himself off. I had never ever lolka 10 years been fuck after I had cum before.
But I had no say in the matter, he was in complete charge of the
situation now. The fucking was doing nothing for me, it was
beginning to hurt me, the more it hurt the more I concentrated on
the fucking. He was fucking into me at a slow rate and the longer
he fucked me the less it hurt. There was a stirring in the pit of
my belly, I was becoming aroused, I was getting hard again. While
he fucked me he massaged my neck and back, his fingers were
digging into me. it hurt a little but it also stimulated me. In
and out he fucked 13 year gril and he was now speeding girl 14 year xxx up, with the faster
motion the harder he massaged me. I could feel my self build
towards another 10years teen nude photo climax. I could feel his cock beginning to swell
inside me, he was large now. Then when he went in, I was sure he
had doubled in size. The more he swelled, the faster he fucked
and the harder he massaged. I thought to myself if he swelled up
any more he would surely split me open. The swelling continued,
the stirring in my stomach built. All of a sudden he erupted into
me, I could feel his cum pour over my prostate, and at the same
time I again blasted down into the air. He stayed inside me and I
thought he was waiting to go down, his cock went soft but still
he stayed inside me. Then I felt a warming in my insides and
realized he was pissing into my ass. He was reaching under me,
between me and the boards 16 years xxx
of the bench. I raised up so he would
have no trouble getting to my asian new year tet cock. He began to stroke me and
again I fucking 14 years was getting an erection, I was surprised to find that I
could still get hard. He was still in me, and had finished
urinating. I felt him getting another erection, it was swelling
in me and I could feel myself swell as well.
He leaned over me and took the cuffs off of my hands,
he then reached down to me feet and removed those cuffs also. He
was fully erect by this time, while he remained in me he began
turning me so I would be facing him. He told me to draw my legs
up towards my chest, I obeyed instantly and he finished the job
of turning me. I spun around on his cock as if it were not even
there. I could feel him trying to undo the hood, and it came off
of me, I blinked at the light, and 14 year nude pics finally he naked 14 years girl came into focus. At
that point the door was opened and into the room came Cliff and
Phillip. James told them that he was through with the bench and
was moving 12 year old bukkake
me to the sling. James slid his hands under my ass
cheeks and lifted me up, being careful not to dislodge his cock
from it's holster, my ass. With me impaled on his dick he walked
across the room and laid me into the sling suspended from the
ceiling with large chains. The sling kept my ass hole at
the right height, so he had no trouble keeping his cock in
position. 13-year pussy He took my cock into his hands and started rubbing it
between the palms of his hands as he slid them back and forth. As
he did that he started the sling swinging a little, 10 years asian porno while it
swung his cock was fucking in and out of me, just from the
swinging movement of the sling. I looked over towards where we
had come and I saw Phillip putting Cliff into the same position
as I had just come from. Phillip had cuffed Cliff to the bench
and he was now putting the hood over his head. Cliff was
struggling more than I 10-14 year teen nude
had, I spoke to him and told him that no
one was going to hurt him. He stopped struggling and the hood was
fastened into place. While the sling was 13 year-old sex photos
doing all free pictures 13years the work on my
ass, I watched with fascination what was going on across the
room. I was suddenly brought back to this side of the room with a
sharp slap to the head of my dick. Wild eyed I looked at James,
he looked back at me and told me to pay attention here, he was
the one taking care of me. He told me that if I wanted to watch
what was going on, I could wait for the video to come out later.
What video? He said he would tell me later. He
proceeded to fuck in and out of me, it webcam 14 years was now taking longer for
him and I to come although I was fully aroused and I could feel
that he was too. He reached up and ran a finger 14 year old porn across my tit,
the nipples were erect and it felt good. He began rolling the
nipples between his finger tips, the more he rolled them the
tighter he pinched. It was sending me into orbit and in a few
minutes I was sure I would cum. As he rolled my tits he was
swinging the sling faster, and he was driving in and out of me
faster and faster. He was stroking my dick with one hand, with
the other hand he was rolling my tits and was stimulating my
prostate with his cock. All of a sudden I shot into the air and
all over my stomach, chest, tits and his hand. As I was cumming I
was milking his cock and he blasted inside me. Each time I shot,
he shot and he preeteen 12 year nude pinched my tits harder and harder. When we finally
finished he raised his hand to his mouth and licked my cum from
it and then he did the same to the other one. He went soft and
slid his cock from my hole, and I was sure that it would never
closed again. He lifted me from the sling and placed me on my
feet and again they were asleep and I nearly fell. James helped
me to the corner where the shower was and he turned on the warm
water. We both showered together. We then left the dungeon, we
left Cliff and Phillip to enjoy their sex together in private.
When we arose in the morning it was around 11 o'clock.
James and I went downstairs to fix breakfast for y.o. 14 years girl everyone. We
were sure no one else was up yet, we were wrong. All four of the
other guys were in the pool, and a brunch buffet was spread out
on the tables. We helped ourselves to breakfast. After eating our
fill, James and I cleaned up the dishes, then we jumped into the
pool for a swim. Randy swam over to me and told me that the video
of what James and I had done the night 13 14 years porno
before was very hot. He
told me 12 year russian nude
that he and Mike had watched it and had sex to it all
night. I kiddies 13 years fucking ask James if we could see the video, Mike said that if
we wanted we could all view it here in the pool. The video screen
was lowered at the end of the room and Mike popped the video into
the player. As we watched the sex 12 year pussy pics between James and little pussy 16 years myself and
then between Phillip and Cliff, I got this raging hardon. I
climbed out of the pool and laid down on one of the chaise
lounges. I looked down my body and saw my cock standing at
attention and needing attention. The others got out of the pool
and gathered around me, Phillip sat down on 16 years girls masturbating the chaise, he took
my cock into his hands and stroked it. Mike was at my head, and
his prick was hanging down towards my face. James was standing to
my right and Cliff and boy 14 year naked Randy stood side by side to my left. I
raised up a little and took Mike's hard flesh into my mouth. I
reached up and took hold of James's and Randy's cocks with each
hand. That left Cliff just standing there. Phillip pulled Cliff
towards him and sucked his cock down his throat. While all this
was going on the video was still playing. As we rose towards
climax, Cliff bent over and replaced Phillip's hand on my cock,
with 10 year girls nudes his mouth. Within a couple of minutes I blasted into him, as
Mike shot down my gullet into my stomach. At the same time I felt
both Randy and James cum all over my 18-year-old chick anal sex chest and stomach. After
taking all of my cum, Cliff began cleaning the cum from my
stomach and chest. I could still see Phillip sucking on Cliff's
cock, and by the time Cliff had finished cleaning me off, he
grabbed Phillips head and drove his cock down his throat and I
could see him convulse with spasms as he lost his load into him.
About six thirty that evening Michael told Phillip to
take 14-16 years teen porn us to school, as our Sunday curfew was 13 years pic nine P.M.. And he did
not want us to be late and get into trouble. We dressed and
headed for the car. As each one of us said goodbye to Michael he
handed us a porno video 15 years fifty dollar bill each. This made the second time I
had been paid for enjoying myself, having sex with another guy.
James kissed me and said goodbye to me at the door of the mansion
and then the three of us piled into the back of the limousine. As
we rode the thirty miles to school, we ask each other how we were
going to explain arriving there in the 14 year teens xxx limo. I told the other fourteen year old pussies two
that that was easy. I would just tell anyone who ask that my
uncle from home had us spend the weekend with him and that he
gave 14 years teen xxx
us a ride back in his car. Although we had no 40 year old porn16 years nude sex idea that we
had nothing to worry about explaining the limo or the weekend
away from the campus. When we arrived at school and Phillip let
us out there was no one around to see us alight from the car. So
much non nude 16 years
for all our plans.

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