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From: A.K.
Subject: Money, Beauty or Love? 3/7 (Encounters)----------------------------MONEY, BEAUTY OR LOVE?
by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2006
written on 920 radio spokane
February 19, 1995
translated by the author
English text kindly revised
by Gardner Rust-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"MONEY, BEAUTY OR LOVE?" is a gay story, with some parts containing
graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion,
family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better
not to 12yo fotos pics read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't
care, or because you think you really ninfetinhas 18yers want to read it, please be my
welcomed guest.-----------------------------CHAPTER 3 - David and Charles: 2 to 1In the morning of November 7th, Richard passed in front of the Modern
Art Museum. David was there as usual, drawing figures on the sidewalk.
Two or three people were there looking at his work, and Richard also
stopped. Then, when the others went away, he put a hundred dollar bill
in the youth's hat.David raised his eyes and said: "Hey, sir, didn't you make a mistake?
It's a hundred dollar bill!""Yes, I know, I realy wanted to give you a hundred dollars. I like how
you draw.""Oh, thank you! You are generous.""No, I'm just a moneybag.""Rich and generous, anyway."Richard smiled, then asked, "Do you draw using only chalks?""Yes, why?""Bah, so... I was thinking that it is a pity that your drawings are
destined each time to disappear, trampled on by people.""Well, I think that people are more interested in looking at gay phone free 206 me while
I'm drawing than at the drawings 60s porn pics themselves.""No, this one, for instance, is beautiful. Its original is a Raphael,
right?""Yes, right. You are a connoisseur.""I am somewhat of a connoisseur, but I like modern art better than
classical. Would you be able, by chance, to reproduce a Picasso?""Well, I would just need to study one of his paintings carefully and
then I could reproduce it.""Very interesting," Richard said, then said good bye and left.A few day later he was back. David recognized him and greeted him with a
smile.Richard looked at him drawing for a while, then asked, "If I asked you
to paint something on the walls of a room with indelible colors, would
you feel like doing that?""Possibly yes... it depends on what kind of drawings you want. I'm not
skilled in creating, but I'm good at making copies.""Copying... with some changes?""Well... perhaps I can.""Would you like to come to my home, so you can see the room, and I will
show you a book with some work I would like to see reproduced on the
walls but, as I said, with some changes. Then you can tell me if you
feel like doing them or not...""Well... yes...""I'll pay you well - a thousand dollars for the four walls, besides the
cost of the materials, and lunch and dinner at my place for all the time
you work for me."David accepted. Richard took him to his car and asked Jose to drive them
home. Here he showed to 13 masterbate David a book with reproductions of the works of
a Swiss painter, Hans Erni, and showed him which drawings he wanted
reproduced and on which walls of the room. In all there were six
drawings of naked males and females in erotic postures."See, these free 70s porn videos
are the drawings - you have to paint them under 16 porn tgp
bigger and to
make, as I told you, some changes.""What kind of changes?""Tranforming all the women of these couples to 18 girl cunt men.""Ah, that's interesting - homoerotic scenes, getting pregnant at 16
then?""Yes, do you feel like doing it?""I can try, 18 yr pussy pics I don't think it will be difficult. 14 yr nudist I can possibly start
trying to draw them life-size on pounce paper with my chalks. Then, if
you approve them, I can reproduce them on the you porn tube 8 walls. What do you think?""Very good. I'll call Don now, he's one of my manservants. He will
assist you with all you could need, and if you have to go to buy the
materials you will go with him and Jose and Don will instruct the
shopowners 10 second man sex to put everything on my account. From time to time I'll come
and see how you are doing.""Alright."A thousand dollars, David thought, was very good pay, a real stroke of
luck. He calculated with some extra all the materials he could need,
then told Don they could go to purchase them.On the way, he asked the manservant, "But... is your master gay?""Yes." the young man answered with a smile, 3 inch areolas boobs
then, as instructed by
Richard, added, "All 24 hour escorts
the villa personnel are gay.""Ah, everybody?""Yes.""And... does he... do it with you all?""At times, when he doesn't have a lover.""And... how is he?""In bed? Better than many others. Why? Are you interested in him?" he
asked."No... well...""Are you too, by chance, gay?""I? Yes, I too am one. But your master is not exactly my type.""Well, when one is as rich as he is, it could also barbara dare pornstar 2010 be interesting. When
he gets fond of somebody, he becomes really generous, you know?""And if he isn't, he is not generous?""Yes. I can say he isn't."David thought that the hundred dollars he gave him the 15 yo fisting pics
first time, and
the thousand he 24 gal bio-cube will pay him now, were two really generous acts,
therefore 13 week of pregnancy he asked himself if the man was interested more in him than in
his work. 16yr naked girls
But the man didn't make any explicit advances. Sure, David
thought, becoming the lover of such a rich man would mean an end of his
problems, especially if he was a generous guy. And if in bed he was
above average...After they 13 lesbians
bought the materials, David asked Don, "And... what is the
type your master likes?""Well, like sexy 15yo
me, or Jose or the others at home - between twenty and
twenty-five years-old, well built and fully available. You too could be
his type.""And... doesn't he have a boyfriend, now?""No, not at this time. In fact he asked babe ruth 1914 Mike to go to his bedroom,
tonight.""Who's Mike?""The gay porn 4 psp
gardener.""But, when he calls you, you go to him without hesitation? All of you?""It's part of the contract, generic cialis soft 20mg I can say. And anyway he's not bad at all in
bed, believe me..." Don added with a cunning smile.David started his work. He tgp 68 first reproduced one 30 porn of the drawings with the
chalks on pounce-paper, changing the woman into a man - but he was not
satisifed. He studied the male figures drawn adam4adam squirt
by the painter carefully.
David's bedroom 157 sex effort had to seem as if it were painted by the author
himself... He tried a second drawing and was a little more satisfied. He
hung it on a wall - yes, he had to modify it some more, but he was on
the right path. But before trying again to change it, he 15 yaers porn
preferred to
sketch the other five big drawings, in order to practice and to get a
handle on that style.Five days later he saw Richard again, who stopped to look at his
drawings. He discussed some details with him, and some different
solutions. Richard proposed to him, for that evening, that instead of
eating in the kitchen with the house staff, to have supper with him.
David accepted and thanked him. He was aware that Richard was looking at
him with some interest. Was it possible that the moneybag wanted
something else from him besides sex anal boy 12y the paintings? All in all, 2 women porn he would not
have disliked that.All during the dinner they talked mainly about the drawings - 1-2 month pregnancy Richard
wanted them to preserve the erotic charge that illegal 12yo the author porn 14 old had infused in
them, increased by the fact that the scenes would represent clearly gay
scenes. At one point Richard asked him if he was gay and David quietly
confirmed it. selina18 whole movies Richard seemed interested in hearing that. Later, while
they were talking about art objects, Richard showed him an massive old
silver ring with a seal on it. David turned it in his hands and said it
was really beautiful."It is just a reproduction of a Medieval ring of a pope, I don't
remember which one.""It is very well done, it seems authentic.""Yes, it is a very good reproduction, isn't it?" building b17 plastic kit12yr pics Richard asked."Yes, it's really beautiful. Can I try it?""Sure. It's exactly your size; it seems made for your finger. Keep it,
it's a present, it's yours.""Mine? Really? It's a splendi gift.""A small thing, it's just silver and only a reproduction, even though
well executed. And it looks nice on your hand," Richard added.David was about to say something; he would have liked to add some more
words, but Richard stood up, told him he would have him taken back home
and told him good bye, telling him that in the following days he would
be busy, but hoped to see him soon and to see also the definitive
drafts.On the following days David worked hard in order to end all five of the
final drafts. He was quite happy with 3 way sex girls the result. Now the male couples
seemed like originals. There weren't scenes of sex, but of desire, and
he thought they were really beautiful. In those drawings there was an
undeniable erotic tension. He would have loved having that book to take
inspiration from and try, for his own pleasure, to do more baby touch penis pr0n drawings made
in that natural and yet expressive style.A few days later, Richard showed up again. He praised David and told him
that the drafts were boob mp3 good, and that he could start painting them on the
room walls. Then pointing at one of the ten male nudes, he said, "This
one could be you; he resembles you.""Yes, it's true.""Do you too have such a wonderful body?" the man then asked.David answered, "It's difficult to judge oneself.""Right," Richard said and, with some disappointment from David, didn't
add anything more and went out.But a little later Don arrived with a small parcel, "The master says he
is really happy with how you are working and sends you this."David took and opened it - it contained a chain bracelet of solid gold.Don looked at him and said, "I'd say that the master is taking an
interest in you.""You think so? But he never says anything to make me understand his
interest.""He's telling you in this way, don't you see?""It could be, but what is he waiting for? For me to ask him to take me
on his bed?""Perhaps... or possibly he wants to understand if you youth shotgun 20 gage
are interested in
him or not." the young man cunningly answered, and left.Then David, who after all wouldn't be displeased to be maintained by the
billionnaire, the day after wore very tight jeans to show off what he
had between his legs and, when he was at the villa to paint, as it was a
warm day, he did it bare chested. For a couple of days the only ones who
made remarks and appraisals were the young staff members when, putting
on a very 40ish women anal tight T-shirt, he went to eat with them in the kitchen.But on the third day, when Richard went to check on how the painting was
proceeding, David noticed that the man's glance was caressing him from
head to toe.Then Richard asked, "How long do you think it will take to end all the
work?""Well... a couple of weeks.""So fast? Are you sure?""Yes, I think so.""I 70s show xxx parody don't want you to work in a hurry; I'd rather pay you more. Some five
hundred dollars more, but I'd like 2 gay boys naked you to do a good job. Three weeks, is
that correct?""As you like. I will surely do my best to please you." David said,
passing a hand on his chest in an unconscious gesture.Richard smiled, then said, "Do you know that you are extremely sensual?""What?" David asked, slightly surprised 38 d womans breasts at that unexpectedly explicit
statement."Yes, sensual... sexy...""Thank you... very kind of you...""Don't be so formal.""Well, you are 14x mirror vanity
a gentleman, I would never take the liberty to make
myself too familiar with you; it would not be correct.""I rather would like for you and me to become friends.""Thank you. I would also be pleased.""Will you have supper with me this evening?""Willingly.""And... call me by my name, just to start.""Certainly."Richard smiled and, with a good bye gesture, went away.That evening, when Richard called him for supper, David was about to put
on his T-shirt, but Richard stopped him, "No, please. If it doesn't
bother you, stay as you are - I like looking at you.""At the table... I would feel embarrassed - you with tie and jacket and
I with bare chest.""Then, I'd better remove something," Richard answered with a smile and
at kidz 12yo
once took off his jacket and neck-tie, then undid all celebrity big brother 10 the butons of
his shirt, under which he wore nothing. "Is that better, now?" he siemens gigaset c470 ip asked
with a smile.They sat at the table and spoke about various things and about nothing
special. Then, after the supper, while the servants were clearing the
table, Richard took David into the drawing room, in front of the glowing
fireplace. He put some cushions on the thick carpet and beckoned him to
sit there."A whisky?""Yes, thank you, on 14 yr girls naked
the rocks.""The same way I like it," Richard said. He went to pour two whiskeys,
then went back with the tumblers in his hands, gave one to David and sat
down near forbidden ch1ldren him, "To our friendship, then?" the man proposed."To our friendship," David answered."You are beautiful, David, I like you very much," Richard said at one
point, looking intensely at him, then with his bleach ep 22 fingertips he lightly
brushed his pectorals and asked him, "Does this bother you?""On the contrary, I like it," the young man anwered, then asked, "May I
too touch you? You have a beautiful chest, Richard."The man nodded. David stretched his hand, slipped it under his shirt and
caressed his chest, side, and belly, "Your skin is smooth, warm, your
belly firm; do you go to the gym?""No, I practice sports.""And you are perfectly tanned, I bet you are fully tanned," David said,
lingering to brush one of his nipples."Would you like to check?" Richard asked in a low voice."Can I?" the young man asked, slightly excited."Sure, if you desire it," Richard answered.David then started to unbutton Richard's fly and felt with 21st century sex his fingers
that the man was becoming aroused. Opening the fly wide, he then started
to unbutton the swollen boxers. Richard lay fucking girl under 15
down on his back, and when
David opened his boxers uncovering the thick hair of yo 12 preeten his pubes, extreme sex 3 wired
arched up his back raising his pelvis. The boy understood and lowered
the trousers and boxers together, uncovering him totally.The erect member was standing out, quivering. David caressed it. Then
without a word, bent down to lick and suck it, while Richard was
caressing the nape of his neck. Then the man twisted so that he could
reach David's pelvis and started to undress him. In a while they were
both naked, intertwined in a passionate sixty-nine. Richard was pleased
- the first step was done; he now had a little more than one month to
lead the young man to ask 2010 best porn movies him to be his steady lover...After that first evening, when Richard was going to check how the
paintings were proceeding, he often caressed or kissed David, arousing
him."If you do that... it'll take me more time to complete the paintings..."
the young man horney girls under 16
complained, but with a smile."So much the better. I get sad when I think that it will end," Richard
answered, 12yo petite nude caressing him even more intimately.Often both were so excited that they could not content themselves to
just touch each other, so Richard took him to his bedroom, on his bed
and they made love for a long time.The third time Richard took him on his bed and tried to tease the
youth's anus, David moaned and, with free porn 16 yo a whisper filled with desire,
begged him, "Fuck me, please."Richard moved instantly, took him on his side 2 vivid tattoo pa and, holding him tight
against himself and caressing his belly and chest, masturbated him.
David seemed to have lost his head. Richard was nibbling his neck and
shoulders, vigorously sliding in and out of him, while David moaned with
pleasure.Later, while the young man was pressing against him, Richard asked him
to start sleeping with him. David accepted at once with pleasure. The
morning after, the youth woke up and 15yo nudist girl felt that Richard, though still
sleeping, was aroused. He then leaned between his legs to suck his cock
with pleasure, until the man woke up. Then David sat on Richard's lap,
brushing his buttocks against the 12-16 girl thumbnail underwear shuddering pole, until the man took
him from below with reciprocal great pleasure.They were making love more and more often and each time Richard asked
David to spend the night with him. The wall paintings were proceeding
and on December 20 they were completed."So, I've finished," David said to Richard."They came out splendidly. I will throw a party for pes 2010 keygen Christmas for my gay
friends - I would like you to come.""I'm sorry we cannot see each other nude 14 olds any more, you know? I feel so fine
with you...""If you like, ex girlfriend tara6 we can continue meeting.""Really? I would be really glad."Christmas came, then also New Years Day. Richard gave generous presents
to 14 yr nude photography David, who took part in both parties. As they were formal parties,
Richard bought him the right clothes. David had never had such a
beautiful and expensive wardrobe, and was happy. He felt spoiled by
Richard, who lavished attention on him.After the New Years party, when all the guests had left, they went to
Richard's bedroom to petite ass redhead 01 make love.Afterwards, Richard asked David, "Do you have a wish for the New Year?""Yes, I have one.""Tell me. I would like to fulfil it.""I don't know if... It's something of a dream.""What do you desire? Do you want me to buy you a car?""A car? No.""So then, what do you desire?""I would like...""Come on, tell me.""I would like staying here with you, being your boyfriend."Richard was triumphant - he earned another score. Now he could also give
him the sack. "Ah... that..." he said with some coldness.David felt the change of tone in Richard's voice and looked at him
worriedly. Then asked, in a grieved voice, "You don't feel like it? You
are 6 month feeding schedule not 5 star chick video interested in my being your boyfriend, right?""You see, David, you are a sexy boy. I like you, but yet... not 220 amateur band
to be tied to you in that way, I'm sorry.""I thought that...""I'm sorry, David. If our aventure is becoming so important to you, it's
possibly better we don't see each other any more. Yes, I really believe
it is better."David was really disappointed, but he could say nothing. Thus, on
January first, before lunch, he gathered all his belongings and left
Richard's house forever. He earned good money, received generous gifts,
but felt frustrated. Richard, on the contrary, was decidedly happy - he
had earned his second score in the challenge with Patrick, and moreover
he had beautiful frescoes in one of the rooms of his residence. It is
really so, he said to himself, satisfied, that with money one can get
anything one wishes.-----------------------On November seven, Partick did not succeed in hooking Charles. He waited
for him at the university the boy attended, but on that day Charles
didn't show up. Patrick didn't know how to hook Charles. In the guise
of a thirty-three year old dishwasher, what could he have in common with
an eighteen-year-old university student who was surely not lacking
money? Therefore he thought to just stop him and ask him for a
cigarette, and then to buttonhole him. So he waited for him naturist thumbnail 16
around the
university parking lot, acting as if he was just passing through by
chance.On November eight he saw the elizabeth bbw 5 3 small sports-car of the boy approaching. He
calculated well the timing so that he would intercept him halfway
between the parking area and the campus entrance.Then, arriving near him, he asked, "Sorry, but... do you have a
cigarette?"Charles stopped and looked at him up and down, then took out of his
pocket the pack of cigarettes and gave it to him. Patrick pulled out one
cigarette and gave him back the pack."No, you scary movie 2 porn can have the whole package.""Really? I can keep it? Thank you, you're really kind.""Nothing at all, it's just a pack of cigarettes.""Excuse me, are you an university student?""Yes.""Ah, when I was a boy I had so wanted to be able to attend university.""Really? Why didn't you?""Because I've had to work to support myself. But it's not too bad. What
are you studying?""Contemporary literature.""Wow, good... whom do you like best?" Patrick asked, and they started to
talk passionately about literature."But you, even n99d hijabi sex though you couldn't study, know giantess shrinking mp3 authors very well. How is
that?""I spend all my free time at the library to read. I like it a lot, amateur blow 05 and
it doesn't cost me a dime," Patrick lied, as in reality he had actually
graduated in modern literature."I have to go to a lesson, but I would like to meet you again." Charles
said."I too would like that. When and where can we meet?""At three thirty p.m. at the campus cafeteria, is that OK?""At that time I have to under 13 puzy
go to work, I'm sorry. I'm free only in the
mornings.""Oh, I see. So then... tomorrow morning I'm busy, 35 dd breast I have several
lessons... then there is the week-end... What do you think meeting on
monday morning at ten at the cafeteria?""I will be there for sure. And thank you for the cigarettes.""Don't mention it. Ah, we didn't even introduce under 17 xxx photos ourselves. My name is
Charles.""How do you do. I'm Patrick."Good, the ice was broken; adult dance classes 91401 he had hooked him. The boy had a likeable
appearance and Patrick felt confident he could take him to bed. Hooking
him had been easier than he tought, thanks to their shared passion 12v cummins turbo elbow for
modern literature. The boy liked talking, was extrovert, therefore
Patrick thought it would be easy leading their conversation to the topic
he was inerested in.They met two or three times. The boy always offered to pay. Once,
sitting at the campus cafeteria as they normally did, Patrick lead their
speech to some works with an explictely gay content.Charles talked about them quietly and at a point said, "... yes, because
we gay people..." and stopped for a moment, then with a smile said,
"Well, yes, because I am a gay activist.""Oh, you too? I mean, I too am gay," Patrick answered, quietly."That's why we understand each other so well - we have asian rap mp3 a common
sensitivity," Charles said with a wide grin.After a while, Patrick sex education mp4 asked 36ddd boobs gallery Charles, "Do you have a boyfriend at
present?""No. And you?""Me neither.""Ah, so we both are free.""It seems so," Patrick said, hoping that the boy at that Ight24 file156
point would
make a proposal, but Charles changed the subject. It was now a couple of
weeks 16yr and nude
that they had been meeting and Patrick had to bring this to a
conclusion, therefore said, "I like you very much, Charles.""I too like you, Patrick - you are handsome and likeable.""So then... couldn't we nudes 14 yo be a couple?""You and I? No, I don't think so.""Why?""You see - and please don't take offence - but we blonde woman 40 fit belong to two
different worlds. I cannot take you in the milieu I attend. You don't
have the right clothes, the right social status, you would be
embarrassed and embarrass my friends. And above all, you are too much
older than I - you see, you would pass for my kept man. 1211 red wing pottery
Moreover..."Patrick interrupted him, "But I like you so much; couldn't we at least
give it a try?""No, it wouldn't be fair. I could make love with you once, I think, as I
physically like SEX 6UBE DOG PORN you, but becoming a couple... it would create a lot of
problems for both of us. I'm sorry, Patrick, but... without any
offence."That day Patrick didn't insist, but thought beaches 1988 he would return to the
issue. He started making Charles small gifts, things of little value,
like a dishwasher could allow himself girls 16 old porno to do. But Charles, who guessed
the meaning of those presents, told him to stop and that he could not
accept them from him. Patrick then asked him to make love at least once,
but on that as well Charles was inflexible."No, it would be dangerous. I'm physically actracted to you, as I said,
and something could arise. Really, Patrick, forget it!"Days were elapsing, but Charles didn't change his mind and even, at a
certain point, told him that if he wanted them to remain friends, he had
to stop trying. Now Christmas came and the New Years was approaching.
Charles made a small present to Patrick and told him he was going to
spend the winter holidays with his friends, therefore they wouldn't meet
again until mid January.Patrich had to resign himself to lose one point. When he met Richard,
they told each other their attempts and Richard was triumphant, "Do you
see? Beauty without money is not of much use; on the contrary, money
even without beauty gives you the wining hand.""It's not yet 16 yo thong pics over; we just tried with two boys each. We still have six
months ahead of us for the other three attempts. Therefore don't sing
victory too early!""Alright. Anyway for the moment I have 16yo i am fool two points and you have only
one!" the friend happily retorted.-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 4-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my stories.
If someone wants to read them, the URL girls porno age 15 is
If you want to send me nude 16yr old feed-back, or desire to help revising my English
translations, so that I can 15 yr sex videos put on-line more of my stories in English
please e-mail at
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