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Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bitI did not write this and you must be little pugs movie 18 or over to read it as it may
contain a great deal of adult explicit sexuality. If this little peeing girls is
offensive do not read - delete file. For those of us who enjoy ....
enjoy! Please do not ask for files by e-mail - I can barely keep up
with what I have now.> MY MAN, BILL (Lisa Marie)As a young boy, I had always identified more with little girls
than with little russian tgp
the other little boys. I didn't have much little and nude interest in
sports, but always envied the girls with their little monica pretty dresses and
gentle little tiny girlls ways. As I grew older I began to sometimes dress first as
a little pussies guestbook
girl, then later as a woman. As I grew into adulthood, I little girls tits
assumed that there was something wrong with me. little kids bathing Then I found out
about transsexuals.As I began to read more,I little girle porno
realized that clearly, this is what I
was. So, one day I decided to do something about it. Not being
sure enough of myself to undertake counseling, I decided to start
off on my own. I started buying new feminine clothes, and over
time built up a small but flexible wardrobe. I would go to work
as a male, but most days as soon as I got off work, I would
shower, shave and change into what I felt was the real me.
Through a friend who was a little asian schoolgirls medical student, I learned about the
various hormones that were available, and managed to get a
prescription tiny little body for some. As my breasts blossomed, and my hips
became more rounded, I began to be more confident about my
femininity and go out more often. Eventually I began to feel that
dressing as a man was the masquerade.One thing that saddended me somewhat was that during these few
months, I had become somewhat of a recluse. I had gradually
dropped out of contact with all of the friends that I had made in
my male identity, and I had not yet made new ones in the new
identity that little crotches I was creating. As fall turned into winter, I moved
into a new apartment, as a woman. None of the neighbors knew that
the new girl who had moved in was not quite what she seemed. I
usually went to work after most of the other residents, and often
returned home after dark. I wore a timy little porno trenchcoat style of overcoat
to work which, while actually sexgalleries little childern
a womens coat, did not seem to
attract any attention at the office. I think that some of my
co-workers may have wondered about my long, perfectly shaped
nails, but no one ever commented, and I didn't wear any polish at
all to work. At any rate, my male alter ego was pretty well
hidden from my new neighbors. All in all, things were going
pretty well in my new life. I was starting to get admiring looks
in the public places, and felt ready to start making new friends.Then one day an old friend from my past paid me a visit. This was
quite a surprise since I had not heard from this particular
person for about a year.Bill had been a fairly close friend a few years back, but we had
gradually lost contact. When I heard the knock on the door, I was
just lounging around house, thinking tits little girls about going out shopping. I
was wearing a short skirt and low cut sweater, with my normal
garter belt, sheer stockings, and plunge bra on underneath.
Perhaps somewhat of a sexy sort of outfit, but I like to feel
attractive. I didn't think twice about going to the door and
opening it, since I thought that the only people who would be
coming would be people who knew me as Heather, my new name. When
I opened the door, we were both struck speechless for a few
moments. "Come in, Bill." I managed to stammer out. "Randy?" he
said in an uncertain voice. In all the years that I had known
him, I had never seen him so surprised. "Is that really you?" he
asked. "No," I replied, "not Randy nude little anymore. It's Heather now." As
he looked me over, I could see Huge little chicks him wondering if I had had "the
operation." I invited him in and we both sat down on the sofa.
"In case you are wondering, no I taylor little movies
have not had surgery yet." I
told him matter of factly. He replied "That is exactly what I was
wondering. But what has happened to you. You obviously have at
least some of the physical attributes of a woman." as he gazed
down my low cut top at my full breasts."Well,", I said, "I came to realize that I was not really sex little gratis
a mixed
up male, as I had thought, just a female in the body of a male. I
am in little girl cartoon the process of correcting nature's mistake now. I am taking
hormones to fix my shape, and when I have lived as a woman long
enough, I will get the surgery. By the way, may I get you
something to drink?" He nervously accepted, and I quickly went nudist little child to
the kitchen to fix his drink, gratefull for the chance to try to
sort out my thoughts. Here was someone who had at one time been
my best friend. How would he react to this new me? He seemed to
be taking the shock pretty well so far though. As I returned from
the kitchen, he bald little beavers smiled and russian little girl said, "You know, I always thought that
there was something different about you. You never seemed all
that interested in girls, and yet you never were at all gay that
I could tell.And you always seemed sort of soft and sensitive. I guess now I
know why. Are you happier this way?" "Yes," I replied, "I am little mermaid costumes very
happy now. The transition has been a little inconvenient little teenie pornspanked little boys at
times, but now I am building a new life as Heather. I still dress
as a man for work, but soon I will be looking for a new job, as
Heather. I feel that hardcore little girl
for the first time in my life, I am truly
being myself."As we sat and talked some more, I noticed Bill becoming visibly
more relaxed.He had always been tolerant of others, but I wasn't sure how he
would react the the dramatic change in me. He seemed to be very
accepting. We talked about old time, people we had known, and
what we had been doing since we last talked. It turned out that
Bill had done quite well. He was the regional sales manager for a
large office supply company. By sheer coincidence, he was living
just a few miles away from me. He art nudes little asked me if I had had any
boyfriends yet. I started to blush, and replied "No, I've been
afraid to so far. I'm afraid that they will want to go to bed
with me, and that is something that I can't do yet." "But there
are things that you could do with a man." "Yes, but I couldn't
take off all of my clothes in front of a man, yet, and it all
seems like too much of a risky situation. I wouldn't want to go
out on a date with a man, start to like him, and then have to
drop him because I couldn't get physical with him." I noticed
that he was smiling as he put his hand on my knee and said "Well,
if the man already knew about your situation, you would have
nothing to be afraid of. You actually are a very attractive woman
you know, and parts of you are very womanly." as his gaze
wandered down my top again.As I felt his warm hand on my knee, I realized that somehow
during our conversation, he had moved closer to me until now I
could feel his body against mine. little mermaid For a moment, a chill of fear
gripped my little nubile girls insides. "What is he trying to do?" I thought to
myself, as I fought not to panic. daddys little girls
Then newstar little melissa as I looked into his eyes,
I realized what he intended to do. When he leaned over to kiss
me, I didn't try to pull away. As his lips met mine, I felt as if
sparks were flashing between us. I felt a warm feeling rising up
from my stomach through my body. Our tongues hungrily sought and
found sweet little boysex each other. He fondled my little tpg
breasts tenderly submissive little sluts
and I felt my
passion growing. As he started to undress little girl upskirt me, I realized, we were
about to do what I had been so afraid of, and cute little boys it felt com pletely
comfortable. After he had removed all of my clothes, he started
to take his off. As I looked at his firm, well muscled body, I
knew that I wanted him as I had never wanted anyone in my life.
He sat back down on the sofa, and guided my head down towards his
now very hard manhood. I took it into my mouth, nude little nympho
marvelling at the
size of it. Once I had caressed him with my lips and tongue for a
few minutes, he pulled me away and laid me down. He licked his
fingers, and reached down to my shapely rear and moistened my
opening.Then he slowly and gently entered me. As he pumped,
slowly at first then faster and faster, I felt waves of sensation
washing over me. I had never imagined that I could enjoy sex so
much. Finally, I seemed to explode in an overpowering climax,
just as I could feel him climaxing. I reveled in the feeling of
his heat filling me in powerful surges. Afterwards, we leaned
back and cuddled up to each other. It was wonderful to feel so
warm and protected, with his strong arms around me."Thank you
Bill." I said "Thank you, Heather, for the best sex I little girls flashing have little mermaid sex ever
had! Somehow, with other women, I have always felt that there was
a gap between me and them, a gulf that couldn't totally be
bridged, no matter how close we got. With you, I don't feel
that." I didn't know what to say, so I just snuggled closer to
him. We spent the rest of the evening in passionate lovemaking.
Later, as he was leaving, Bill asked, "How about dinner this
Friday?" I readily agreed, and gave him a kiss to send him on his
way.Friday came, and I dressed in the sexy new dress that I had
bought earlier in the week. It was a quite a slinky affair, very
low cut, and it fit like it was sprayed on. The color was black,
to complement my blond hair and fair coloring. I was quite
nervous as russian little tgp
I waited for him to pick me up. I had been out
shopping, and on errands many times, but never little teen seks out to dinner. I
just knew that he would take me to some really fancy place. When
Bill arrived, he told me how beautiful I looked, and that he had
been looking little ten porn forward to this evening all week. Once we got to the
restaurant, which proved to be very elegant, and had some wine
before dinner, I began to feel better. No one seemed to suspect
that I was little preeten porn
anything other than the lovely young lady that I
appeared to be, and felt like. After dinner, we went to a quiet
night little girls nud
club and danced to romantic music. Naturally, at the end of
the evening, we ended up in my bed for another night little people nude of
spectacular lovemaking.Over the course of the next few months, we began to little big planet
see angy little midget a lot of
each other. I began to meet some of Bill's friends little agency paris and business
associates. He began to introduce me as "Heather, my girlfriend."
Shortly after we had begun dating, I had started counseling with
an understanding little boys dicks
therapist. She agreed with my opinion that
emotionally, there was nothing really wrong with me exept for
feelings of frustration at my incorrrect plumbing. Also, I had
found another job, this time naked little angel as Heather. My new boss was very
pleased with my work, and gave me little pet shop
several generous raises. I made
friends with some of the other women in the office, who accepted
me totally. My new life was coming together fabulously.Then, after six months of therapy, my therapist told me that she
was going to give her approval for me to go ahead and get
surgery. She said little perv
that since I had been living as a woman for
about a year now, she little teens forbidden felt that I had had enough of a Real Life
Test. The next evening when I saw Bill, my little lady I could hardly wait to
tell him. "That's great honey!" he exclaimed, "When will it be?."
I told him how I had managed to get sheduled for a date only
three weeks away. He seemed almost as happy as I was. When I told
my porn incest little boss that I needed a nonude little childrenlittle girls vagina month off to take care of some important
personal tiny girls little
business, he said that it would be no problem, even
though I had only accumulated a week of vacation time. little teen masterbation "Think of
it as a little bonus." he said.Two weeks later I had my surgery, and three weeks later I was
home in my bed.Bill was really a sweetheart. The first two weeks that I was
home, he came over every night to fix dinner for me and take care
of the house. After a month of recovery, the doctor pronounced me fit to go
back to work, and resume my normal life style. When he said that,
I secretly laughed to little schoolgirl raped myself.Why would I want to go back to being fucking little pussies an imitation woman, when I
was now a real one! The doctors appointment had been on a Friday,
and Bill had little cinderella arranged to take me out to a special evening on the
town to celebrate. I knew that he had been planning this ever
since I came back from the hospital. He seemed very excited about
it. That night, I wore the most elegant dress I owned, a
strapless evening gown with a long skirt and a slit "up to here."
I knew that Bill was quite fond of my breasts, little angels sexy
and that this
particular dress showed them off to good advantage. The
restaurant was one of the most expensive in little movie tgp town, and very
elegant. The food was delicious, as were the admiring glances I
received from some of the other men there. Then over coffee
afterwards, Bill said to me "Heather, I don't really know how little fucking nymphs to
say how I feel about you. Once, you were my best friend. Now, you
are a different sort of best friend. I think that you know by now
that little arrows I love you. You are truly all little rumanian girl
woman now, so I feel that it
is all right for me to say it." "I love you too Bill, more than I
can describe." I replied. He went on "Well, I have been doing a
lot of thinking lately about us, and where we are going
together." At that moment, bald pussy little
a ring with a large diamond in it
seemed to appear in his hand. "I want you to say yes." he little teen galleries asked,
as he gazed directly into my eyes. I felt as if I was in a daze,
could this really be happening to me? Truly I did love Bill. He
was the only man that I had ever made love to. And since I had
abstained from any sex during my recovery period, I would be
coming to him as a virgin bride of sorts. It all seemed so
incredibly wonderful, it was hard to believe that it was true.
Well, diety little whore little petite sex
it only took me a moment to sweet littles make tgp little girl up my mind, and I murmured
"Yes, yes I would love to be your wife."Bill took me home to meet his family, but didn't mention anything
about me ever being anyone else but Heather. His father pinched
my bottom and said "Looks like Bill has really caught a beauty."
His mother said "I'm glad that someone has finally managed to
tame our young Casanova." One problem was that I wanted to invite
my family to the wedding, and they had no idea of the changes
that had happened to me. I called my mother, and told her that I
wanted to see her, to discuss something important. She asked me
if everything was all right with me, and said that my voice
sounded a little funny. I told her that everything was wonderful
with me, and that I had some good news for her. I arranged to
meet her at a cozy little restuarant near my office for lunch. I
often went there with little pussy lips
other boys little nude girls from the office, little boy cocks so all the
employees knew me as a regular. My mother and I both arrived at
the restuarant at the same time, almost bumping into each other
at the door. The hostess asked me "Your regular table Miss
Heather?" I said that that would be fine, and she led back
through the russian little
other tables to a little sweet sluts secluded booth near the rear. As I
was sitting down, I told the hostess that the woman who had come
in behind me would say that she was expecting to meet someone,
and to bring her to my table. I said something about me meeting
her in place of the gentlemen she was expecting to meet. After
the hostess had seated her, my mother asked me "Do I know you,
you look very familiar, and why isn't my son here to meet me?"
"You do know me, mother." I replied, "Randy is no more, now you
have a daughter. My name is now Heather." At first she was
flabbergasted. Then little schoolgirl spanking she wanted to know all about why and how. She
had trouble believing that I was actually nn nude little a woman, until I showed
her my new drivers license and revised birth certificate. After a
little while, she seemed to be adjusting fairly well. Then I told
her the other news, "And guess what mom, I'm getting married next
month!" and showed her the ring on my finger. She asked me mpegs little when I
would be bringing the young man home to meet the family and I
said that I wanted to meet the rest of the family myself in my
new identity first, then anytime little willie john after that. We set up a date for
dinner at her house, with all of my brothers and their families
being there. My mother must have briefed them all beforehand,
since when I erasure little respect got there everything went smoothly. A week later, I
brought Bill to dinner, and they all took to him right away. I
was little girl imageboard
glad that my future husband was such a charming gentleman.Only my mother remembered him as being a friend of mine from
before, and she didn't mention anything to the others.As the wedding day drew near, my mother was a great help with all
of the myriad details that illegal little boys a little gay porn bride has to deal with. My wedding
gown was gorgeous, with miles of lace and satin. I felt like a
princess little girl sucking when I wore it, which I suppose is how you are supposed
to feel. The day of the wedding, candid little girls I was more nervous than I had
ever imagined I could be! But the ceremony went off without a
hitch. Both of our mothers cried, and I felt upskirt little girls so happy that I
almost cried myself. When the priest said that Bill could kiss
his bride, and he did, I felt like I was in heaven. At the
reception I danced every dance. When I wasn't dancing with Bill,
the other men were lining up to dance with me. We left fairly
early, to catch our flight to Hawaii, where we were to spend our
honymoon. My boss hadn't been sexy little babes
real pleased when I asked for more
vacation time, so soon after my month off, but when I little girls shoes
told him
that I was getting married, he decided that it was fine with him.
For the next week, we laid in the sun and played in the water all
day, and made love all evening in our room. It was seven days of
sheer bliss! Alas, all vacations have to end sometime, and this
one ended all too soon.When we returned, little lolas pussy
I of course moved out of my apartment and into
Bill's house.We were completely happy together in our new life. We began to
entertain frequently, often having dinner parties in our large
formal dining room. Since it was still summer, we often spent
weekends out at the pool, and I maintained my Hawaiian tan. After
that, I suppose my story might get a little boring to you, the
reader. It seems so trite to say little girls undies
"and then we lived happily ever
after", little miss naked But what can you do if that is exactly what happened? Oh,
we occasionally have little spats, like husbands and wives do,
but we always nudist little girl
make up with a kiss right away. It really does seem
like we were made for littles teens modles each other. And now nude little nymphs
dear reader, I must
leave you. Bill is calling me to come to bed, and that is an
invitation that I would never want to refuse. Just let me leave
you with one parting thought, wishes really can come true.
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